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CMZ Media is a general media services firm based in Orange County, CA, and offering web design, development, maintenance, and writing services to small and mid-sized businesses and other organizations nationwide.

Services Offered:

HTML Coding

We specialize in converting PhotoShop mockups (PSDs) of web designs into standards-compliant, cross-browser compatible, accessible, and valid (X)HTML code coupled with backwards-, present-, and forward-compatible CSS. We also specialize in the creation of multiple, print, and handheld style sheets.


Allow CMZ Media to write your article, brochure, press release, food review or other copy in a way that educates and entertains your audience. CMZ Media currently provides writing services to Animated News and the Orange County Mexican Restaurants blog.

Web Design

Let us help you establish your unique presence on the web. While many organizations now have websites, there are still many who are waiting to take the plunge and take advantage of today's most powerful marketing tool. Get your small business recognized today. CMZ Media currently provides web design services for Viking Roofing, Mangosteen Replica and Randy Fong, DDS, among others.

SEO/HTML Cleanup

Get your site ranked higher in the Internet search engines. At least 95% of the websites on the Internet would benefit by having their HTML code cleaned up and correctly structured, with their content (or "substance") separated from their styling (or "look and feel") using today's best XHTML and CSS coding practices. Doing so automatically makes it easier for popular search engines to "see" a site's content and, therefore, properly rank it ("search engine optimization"). Cleaned up and simplified HTML code also means lower bandwidth costs and faster loading web pages.


Present a professional image to the public. Proofreading services are offered for both the web and print media. CMZ Media currently offers proofreading/copy editing services to Hawaiian Style Magazine.

E-mail: contact@cmzmedia.com

We are proud to partner with Online Pros for all our hosting needs.